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My account was suspended with no clear reason and Customer Support even refuse to tell me why!!

Hi there,

I've applied for a Payoneer card, then after a few days I found out that my newly created account was suspended!
I have contacted customer support over & over again but they refuse to tell me why my account was blocked/suspended. There's no clear reason of why something like this could happen because I am sure that all info I've used during the registration process are real.
But I think there's only one possible scenario. After creating my account I remembered that I had registered previously with my old email ( which I have lost access to, along with all accounts & services linked to that email obviously! ). So I didn't think that it's a big deal. Then - pam! - your account is permanently suspended!

The awful and disgraceful thing is that the customer support doesn't treat customers as customers clearly, they just shut me up every time I try to contact them, without telling me any useful information and just sending me copied messages from their automated mails.

I am here again, to ask you about why would my account get suspended immediately after creation? All information I provided are correct, true and 100% real. I can even provide the necessary documents as proof of anything you need to verify. And I really want to know why wouldn't the customer support provide the decent service they should be providing? Well... that's just it, nothing more.

I really hope that you can help me in getting a Payoneer card, I dont feel like using any other service. A lot of my folks told me that Payoneer is one of the best, so I came looking for that here!

Thank you so much in advance.

Alaa Alrufaie.


  • donnqq
    donnqq Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    payoneer has worst customer support.