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No way to contact customer support :(

I tried everything to contact payoneer. I tried live chat, I waited a couple of times each time 1 hour and I was next in line and they wont pick me up. I tried calling them also but they wont pick up. I tried email-ing them a couple of times.

I need a simple thing, just to activate my EURO Payment Service plan but no way to contact them anybody here to help me?


  • donnqq
    donnqq Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    yeah they don't answer. they ignored all my questions without answering.
  • Gladys_hernandez
    Gladys_hernandez Member Posts: 2
    it has been imposible for me to contact them too... I has spent more than 3 hours since yesterday in 6 or 7 call.

    las week I sent them an email and didnt reply with the answer
  • evgenym
    evgenym Member Posts: 3
    The same here, I submitted a ticket 7 days ago and they didn't reply yet.
  • FarahAlia
    FarahAlia Member Posts: 2
    Same here worst customer support ever.
    Farah Alia
  • evgenym
    evgenym Member Posts: 3
    I have just reread automatic reply message from Payoneer and found this:
    If this message does not resolve your issue, please reply with further details and we will be happy to assist you.

    So looks like I have to reply automatic message. I did, waiting if it helps.