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Canceling account-maybe by my mistake/make other account? Confused/Help me please

Valene Member Posts: 5
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Dear community! I will try explain my problem easily.

I am maybe butterfingers and very confused and I think that I did a lot of mistakes because I did not want wait so long time for answer. I was reading here that somebody was waiting for answer from Payoneer 5 months. I cannot wait so long time! and I did not want wait!

Discussion title is about one problem but I have more problems.

I used Payoneer Prepaid Master Card few years. I decided that I don't need Prepaid Master Card and that I want cancel my Prepaid Master Card.

I decided that I will use service from Payoneer named Bank Transfer.
My reasons: It is more conveniently for me to get money on my account in my currency.

My first step was sending request from page where I am working for Bank Transfer.
I wanted try it how it works. I fill form about my bank account.
After I sent request about it I found some other bank with conveniently conditions. So I decided that I want do Bank Transfer with other bank account.

I get auto reply from Payoneer on my email that they got my request with button: Confirm request.
I did not confirm it but I can see on my Payoneer account two options: Prepaid Master Card and Bank account.

I was reading forum and searching on some websites that if I want something changes or I have some questions I will wait too much long time for answer and maybe I will not get answer.

So I thought that maybe will be best way cancel old account and make new account with other email address. I found that person cannot have two card per person-It is ok because I don't want use card now but I found too that you can have another account with other email address. It was great new for me because I am not using my old email address.

I decided that if it is possible I will cancel my old account and I will make new only with service Bank transfer. I was sure that it will be easiest way for continue with work because I did a lot of changes about bank account,email adress, wish to close Preapid Master Card and Payee Id. I was contacting support center with message similar like my last sentences.
I did topic with name : Request to Cancel Account/I wish cancel account. But I wrote there only questions if it is possible to cancel old account and make new one.

After I sent it I got email if Payoneer can do something for changing my mind to change my mind and if there is nothing what the can do then wanted send informations for canceling.

So I sent them informations for canceling my account.

I started thinking about problems which I can have because I was still not sure if I can cancel old account and create new only for Bank transfer with other email and if it is not possible to do it I will cancel account-I will wait long time for canceling and after I will need reopen old account.

Now I am really confused and afraid that I complicated all.

What I need/wishes/questions

1. Wishes : I still think that easiest way for me is cancel account with all old informations and make other one. My wish is if it is possible to do it. I will unite my founds sources with my new account number!
Question: Is possible cancel old account and create new account with other email address with only service Bank Transfer? How long time I have to wait?

If it is no possible I wish to cancel only Prepaid Master Card and cancel my request for canceling my old account and I hope that it is not too late and I wish to do new request about Bank transfer with other conveniently bank account.

I am really confused! :'(

Can somebody help me please as soon as possible?Thank you!


  • Valene
    Valene Member Posts: 5
    Dear friends and dear Payoneer. Few minutes on Live chat and my problem has solution! Great support! Kindly persons.
    I don't need cancel account-they made note not to cancel my account, all my mistakes are in solution.I am in really good mood! I will use bank account what I want and when I will want cancel Prepaid Master card-when I will not need use it-I can do new request about canceling Prepaid Master Card! Thank you angel Laura!