I'm not American but my employer is asked an SSN to transfer to my USP account

PetruzaPetruza Posts: 8Member
I'm from Argentina, I've sent my USP bank account number and routing but when they try to transfer me the money, they get asked for an SSN so they can't complete it.
How can I get a payment without an SSN?


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    This is not information we provide nor is there a chance you will be able to obtain one outside the United States. The SSN (Social Security Number) is an identification number used for employment and tax purposes for US citizens but is also used for temporary work Visa. 

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  • PetruzaPetruza Posts: 8Member
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    I'm very aware what the SSN is and I'm not interested in having one or even a work Visa. If you read my question you will notice I asked "how can I get a payment WITHOUT an SSN?"

    The idea of getting international payments is that you can get payed from the USA, outside the USA, so the SSN is an unexpected requirement for this.

    I've already had a Payoneer card years ago and did collect money from the USA and of course didn't have an SSN. What I want to know is why is that a requirement now.
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    It is not a requirement to get paid per se, but your employer wants to have an SSN to declare you as his business expense, so that the governement won't get him to pay more tax, while they take it from you, yet you're not in the US, hence you're not obliged to pay anything to the US tax "industry".

    I assume you asking your employer to pay via USPS made him think you're included in the tax issue, so just tell him again what the situation is, and that you're exempted from all the American regulations, because you're neither an American citizen, nor working in the US, not even conducting work from the US.

    An extra info, if the sum is less than $600, then your employer isn't oblige to justify the expense. I've been there and I understand how some employers might get confused.
  • PetruzaPetruza Posts: 8Member
    Yes, they're aware I have no SSN and have nothing to do with US taxes. They just went to the bank to make the transfer and the bank requires an SSN to make the transfer.
    I though the whole idea of Payoneer giving me a US bank account number was to simplify things and allow simple domestic payments, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    In the other hand, when they try to pay me through load.payoneer.com, when they enter my email they get the message that the transaction can't be made at that time, so I'm not sure if I'm pending some kind of approval from Payoneer?
  • Coder_DzCoder_Dz Posts: 102Member ✭✭
    I believe all the US banks provide an online portal, that allows the client to make online wire/ACH transfers, thus they don't need to go to the bank and be asked the SSN, just ask them to pay directly using ACH, unless the guys don't have a bank account and just wants to wire it from the generic way, which is kind of shady for the bank, hence they asked the SSN.

    The direct loading allows paying via Card, which is not always provided for all the clients, or even been taken away from a client who has it before --including me-- after using it more than withdrawing from the official partners, and to unlock it again, you have to receive more money or have more withdrawals from their partners first, so that you'll be given the privilege again.

    Good luck Petruza, wish you'll sort it out soon.
  • PetruzaPetruza Posts: 8Member
    Thanks coder, you're right, I found out they had tried to do a wire transfer and got the SSN requirement.
    Now they did an ACH and it went ok, I guess they weren't very banking-savvy.

    About the card loading, I got in chat with support and they told me that once I start getting payed by the US payment system, they will activate that feature in my account, I guess it's some way of avoiding fraud maybe.
  • Coder_DzCoder_Dz Posts: 102Member ✭✭
    You're welcome.
    Happy, it all got sorted out eventually :)

    Good luck Pertruza, and wish you more success in the future.
  • vangreenvangreen Posts: 1Member
    please i currently have same issue am a Nigerian and my client is trying to load cash on my account, and some details he is asking for are not on my record in payoneer
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    Did you try to follow the advice given by @Coder_Dz and see if the issue you experienced was the same?

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

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