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Nissim help! Card expired since 2015 and no option to renew it?

Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
Hello Nissim and crew,

My card has been expired since July or June 2015, and up to now I had never seen a renewal option, and I had already contacted the support about it, several months ago, and I've contacted them again about a week ago alongside other issues, and no response at all.

Here are the latest refs:

Reference Number: 160127-000422
Reference Number: 160127-007380 (Another issue too)

Right now, I have funds pending in Paypal, and more at UpWork, and expecting more the next couple of weeks iA

Usually, the sent cards would take around a month to reach me here, so if I get paid, would I be able to transfer my funds to a family member or a friend (Payoneer card holder as well)?

Finally, please help me get renew my card ASAP. I didn't use Payoneer for quite sometime, because I contacted the support a year ago before the expiry date, and I asked them to send me a card via DHL using my account balance, and got no response, which confused me a bit, and resulted in this situation. Any help would be much appreciated.

I request if possible to get another design for the card, not Freelancer, but either an UpWork one, since I'm linked to UpWord and got paid from there already or just a Payoneer unbranded card as long as it has a dark/black design :)