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Receiving payments in the UK

tiresias Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Ask The Community
I am based in the UK will soon be receiving payments from a Canadian company in US dollars. They support Payoneer as a payment method (but are not in the list of Payoneer partners). They will probably pay me once a month in US dollars. I ultimately want to receive the money in my UK bank account in UK pounds.

If I understand correctly, I can either apply for a Payoneer Mastercard account (and get a card) or a Payoneer Local Bank Withdrawal account. I think I can use the Mastercard account to transfer the money into my UK bank account. The Local Bank Withdrawal account will pay directly into my UK bank account. So it sounds like I can choose either of these 2 accounts - I don't actually need to use a card. (If any of this is incorrect please tell me!)

Obviously I would like to apply for the account which has the lowest total fees (including currency conversion fees). On the web site it says you can find out the fees after you have opened an account, but I really need to know what the fees are BEFORE I decide which of the 2 accounts to open.

Can anyone at Payoneer please tell me what the fees will be for both of the 2 types of Payoneer account?