#Bangladeshi vaiyyara ! I need suggestion or tips ! Any Bangladeshi user's Mobile number!

please help me! I'm facing a problem very badly! any Bangladeshi user's please give me your contact number ......just I'll talk with you for 5 minute for Suggestion or Tips :smile: ) :cold_sweat: !


  • mdimranhossain
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    Many experienced peoples a here to help you right a way but you need to describe your problem and exactly you need. I think no won't share a phone/mobile number here at public forum. That is why you didn't leave your number here.
    Md Imran Hossain
  • rahimmm786
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  • ferdouse
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    Hello munimwebfk,
    The best way to get advice!!
    You need share your problem with details explanation.
    It will help you to get advice from forum.
  • rajumitu
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  • Golam_Azam
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    Inbox me
    Golam Azam