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How can I get paid from PayPal for my Virtual Admin job?

LEMNSAKIB Member Posts: 4
My client wants to pay only through PayPal, but PayPal is not available in Bangladesh.
So, how can I get this payment. Would you please help on this.


  • AuctionEssistance
    AuctionEssistance Member Posts: 2
    Have you tried to open an account in a different country? It might be a bit difficult as you would have to abide by the laws of that country.
    LEMNSAKIB Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for ur helping reply.
    I have opened an pp account from Italian address which my uncle's address. I also able to add Payoneer EU bank, but not verified yet, hopefully will be verfied by Mon/Tuesday. But I heard that after verification of bank acc pp will ask for photo id, but as i used my uncle's Italian address and I m from bd @ payoneer acc also from here, how can I get verified?Please help me.
  • RoxanaAna
    RoxanaAna Member Posts: 5
    Hi, @LEMNSAKIB ! The photo and the proof of address are usually requested by PayPal when you select to lift the limits of transactions from your account or when there is a difference of names and addresses associated with the account itself. Try looking into the PayPal FAQ page or contact their Customer Service for further assistance. Because it is very important for you to be sure that PayPal transfers money to a bank in your country. If PayPal cannot perform such a transaction, you should advice your buyer to open a Payoneer account, for instance. PayPal has almost 190 countries in which it operates, but I don't think Bangladesh is for the moment on this list. Instead, I would strongly advice you to contact your buyer and kindly inform her/him which payments can be received in your country. As previously said, emailing or calling PayPal can help you understand what options does your buyer have to pay you (wire transfer, check, etc). Also, mind the time frame of receiving money.