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No payment received & no response to emails! Where is my money?

Xkate Member Posts: 6
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I was paid by myfreecams on february 1st but to date i have not received this money. It has been 5 working days and i have sent repeated support emails providing you with the details and payment code from mfc. I have had no response. I usually receive payments from them via global bank transfer about 3 days after being notified of a payment. My details havent changed. Nothing is showing as pending on my account, no notifications, no emails, nothing. Mfc have referred me back to you as everything has been conducted as usual on their end.

Where is my money????????


  • Xkate
    Xkate Member Posts: 6
  • aries
    aries Member Posts: 7
    Dear Valued Account Holder,

    Please note that we can no longer make local bank transfers to your bank account. To continue getting paid via Payoneer, please reply to this email and tell us how you want to receive your funds.

    To keep receiving international payments with low fees, you can order a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®. This card will be credited when you get paid. You can then use your card to make purchases and withdraw funds from ATMs in over 200 countries.

    Alternatively, you can receive funds via SWIFT (wire) transfer in USD, or via paper check in your local currency. Please note that each wire transfer is subject to a fee of $15, plus any correspondent bank fees.

    If you need further assistance, please reply to this email or contact us at [email protected].

    what is the meaning of this?? i did reply about it but no response for me??? where is my payment???
  • Xkate
    Xkate Member Posts: 6
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  • Xkate
    Xkate Member Posts: 6
    edited February 2016
    I still have nyfreecams (along with other companies) listed in the funding sources for my bank account. Am i to taje from this that you are no longer doing global bank transfer for any of them?

    Your card is completely useless to me. I already have one and cannot use it. I used GLOBAL BANK TRANSFER because it is quick and easy. How can you offer it for years and then suddenly stop, with NO warning? Had i known about this i would have made other arrangements. As it stands i am now minus $500 of MY money... for how long??? Completely unnacceptable! I have requested myfreecams recall the payment and i suggest that you comply with this ASAP! Any further delay on your part will be taken as a deliberate attempt to withold my funds and i shall seek legal advice.
  • Gabrijela
    Gabrijela Member Posts: 2
    How did it finish finally?
  • marpla
    marpla Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Upwork sent me money on 24th. They didn't come on my account till now. They should have been on the account within 3 days..