need help any one bangladeshi

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i got my payoneer card. activted all ok. but me need paypal verification. me verification card . this is ok. but problem i can not verifaction bank acount . when verification paypal not accpted.


  • rushorusho Member Posts: 7
    Hi Shaheb!

    PaPal Has stopped their verifying system with #Payoneer US Payment Service. But, If your #Payonner account support with #UK Payment Service - Like this

    Displayed below are the details of your UK collection account. These are the details you need to provide to the companies in order to receive payments in GBP.

    Note: The UK Payment Service can be used to receive payment from companies and not individuals. Terms & Conditions

    * Your UK Payment Service Information:
    Bank Name:
    Sort Code
    Account Number:

    Just let me know if your Payoneer account supported UK Payment Services. Then I will help you to verify your PayPal account with your Payoneer Bank. Thanks!

    Rusho :smile:
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    Anyone help me??? I got my shipping date jan11. I see now. this time what can I do? which way I get master card. plz help me
  • rushorusho Member Posts: 7
    > @Koli said:
    > Anyone help me??? I got my shipping date jan11. I see now. this time what can I do? which way I get master card. plz help me

    Hi Koli,
    Howdy?? If you already get your MasterCard shipping date notice, then you will get your master card in your provided address. Payoneer has 3 delivery option like

    # International - You may also request to have your new card shipped via DHL, for which the estimated shipping time is 4-7 business days.

    # If you are Bangladeshi then Please Note : The cost for DHL shipping is $60. Actual shipping times depend on DHL service availability. Cards will only be sent via DHL if there are sufficient funds available on your Payoneer account to cover the shipping fee. Additional fees may apply for the shipment depending on the customs regulations for your country.

    If you have $60 in your account you can request them to sent your card by DHL to received your MasterCard quickly. Either normally payonner sent you the card by Regular Mail.

    # If they sent your card by Regular Mail, then you will have to wait for 24 to 30 days to received your card.

  • shahebshaheb Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    how to support uk payment service can you tell me. i see there have global payment service
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