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Paypal is yet another corporate scamming agency!

Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
Well, I had used Payoneer's USPS before to withdraw from Paypal and it was all good and dandy, until I tried to add the new BoA account, which was declined, then Payoneer supplied me with another Bank Account, and tried to link it and was rejected instantly by Paypal, so I had to contact paypal and sent them a message, although they had never replied back, and literally I had at least emailed them over 8 times about my money being stuck in their pending policy forever, for the bank account they got back to me almost instantly.

Ok, they emailed me saying they tried to phone call me and my number was close, hence I reactivated international receiving and asked them to call back, and they called me back, assigned to me a girl with no professionalism and no etiquette at all, and it happens to be shown as calling from Dublin, yet she's middle-eastern, I guess because I'm from the same region, and what got on my nerves is that she's speaking, and chewing with an open mouth, and still smirking at almost each line I speak, as if I'm trying to rip someone's money, while I'l trying to get my money out of them! Well, this Haifa asked to just take a screenshot of my account and send it to them to verify the account was mine, which I had done, and right away she emailed saying my account has been limited permanently and I'll have access to it only for the next 180 days before it's terminated, in order to preserve their community's integrity!

Anyway, Paypal regarded Payoneer as "Shady", while the whole world from California to Tokyo complains about how "Shady" Paypal is, yet the only guys who don't know that are Paypal guys themselves, and I guess that explains why lots of Online Merchants and Developers prefer to accept paypal via 3rd-party services, such as 2CO, or LeapPayments and co, and how ironic that Paypal let's you get paid via Paypal if you're ready to lose around %10 by processing that externally, while you're not allowed to get paid directly, how ridiculous is that?

I issued a refund to the client, who was more than happy to do an ACH directly to USPS, and I'm planning that I'll try to never use any other service excepts USPS/EUPS and I'll figure out someway for the Australian clients, and how they can pay me, or if they can use Skrill.

Finally, another Paypal agent who sounded like a Syrian man called me after my account got banned or whatever the term they use and he sounded like a real gentleman and was trying to help in anyway, and I just thanked him and asked to complete terminating my account.

Paypal, I wish that guys like Payoneer, Skrill, and Payza will take away all your clients and render you bankrupt, no grudges are held, but destroying businesses and affecting lives is something that should be fought back and dismantled from the world, and the best fight here is to succeed in your life, hence I wish the other services a great longevity and great professional success.

This isn't a mere rant, but testimonials had to be published and seen by the public not to fall into the same scam schemes. 


  • Coder_Dz
    Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
    AskPaypal on Twitter contacted me and we had a small convo there, the guy was a gentleman/gentlewoman and that happened 17h ago, so I had to clarify things with them. Anyway here's the last couple msgs or so:

    Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear of your experience and I will ensure this is forwarded to the relevant department. In regards to Payoneer accounts I'm afraid these are not compatible with PayPal which is why you may have been having this issue. ^RD

    In which I responded by this:

    No worries, already found alternatives, and I wouldn't have gone through this if there was anywhere in the TOS indicating anything about Payoneer, because so far I know, Paypal doesn't allow to exchange Paypal against any e-currency, which Payoneer isn't, and it's not even a payment gateway, and neither is it a payment processor like Skrill or SagePay. What's controversial, is that services like 2CheckOut and BlueSnap allow to accept Paypal through them, and the former allows to withdraw to Payoneer as it's an official Partner, and the 2nd allows to withdraw to Payoneer's ACH, which means that either Paypal doesn't get it yet, or the other services are making more money on the back of Paypal. Finally, wish you success and prosperity, you sound like a decent guy and I salute that in you. Respect.

    I believe Payoneer should go the extra mile and become either a Payment Processor or a Payment gateway, either one that can be achievable for them, and this way, it'll put an end to the competition, simply because Payoneer is a killer and it will defeat them in the first round.

    A pilot program can be launched for accounts receiving more than $300/month, where they allow them to process Bank Cards, sort of what Private Loading is, but with a bit lower fee, and with support of an API, thus this feature could be supplied to Freelancer web-developers who can integrate the API themselves.