Paying from payoneer balance directly

I have just started using payoneer to withdraw money and found conversion rates to be really awesome and overall I am able to get money within 24 hrs!

At present I am working via upwork. Earlier, I was with elance where I could hire freelancers from my earnings on elance itself.

Currently on upwork its not possible. I have to withdraw funds to my local account in INR which costs 4% and then further when I hire I have to pay in USD and hence another 4% currency conversion charge is incurred. This means I have to pay 8% for USD->INR and INR->USD cycle.

Is there way so that I could directly pay on freelancing sites using my payoneer balance which is in USD without having to pay the dual currency conversion costs?

I think this will require some way to buffer the money without having them brought to my indian account in INR. But no clues as to what is possible with payoneer.
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