Account locked for three weeks, no help from the support team.

vitalmvitalm Member Posts: 2

My Payoneer account has been locked for three weeks. I contacted the support, provided the documents they required (Reference Number: 150710-001863) and haven't heard anything from them for three weeks.

I work with Payoneer for five years and everything was great till this issue. But now i feel completely ignored by you.

Can anyone here pay any attention to my problem? That really sucks.


  • vitalmvitalm Member Posts: 2
    I don't know what helped: this forum post or your chat assistant Alina who promised to contact the security department and make things faster, but my account has just been unlocked. Thank you Payoneer, hope we'll not run into similar issues again.
  • yeahhhyeahhh Member Posts: 2
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    Lucky u are! :))
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