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Delayed approval of the card

I have to send the required documents (national card) for a long time not getting any response from the company
Reference account number: 15330933
email: [email protected]


  • Harvey2014
    Harvey2014 Member Posts: 1
    Customer support [ZINIO 20160116]  [Reference Number: 160121-009361]


    This message is for any from customer support that will answer my concern here since I haven't getting a response from Payoneer for weeks now...

    A customer service representative name Nissim (hope that is correct) was helpful once...someone hacked my account and withdraw funds.  I was told to send in the required information to be issued a new card. I did several weeks now and am not getting a response as to the status of approval for my new card.

    Hope Nissim or someone can assist in me getting a response asap.