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Payout settings- would like to see my autopayouts-green and enabled. Personal ID no. saving problem

Hello community!

i would like to ask you for some advice with payout settings. My idea is to publish some experience from Slovakia (Eastern Europe). Please, make it possible for me :)

I was almost complete with adding all the necessary information in these payout settings, have my US bank account through Payoneer, since Slovakia isn't supported in the list of (supported) countries, added last 4 digits of my ID card as well.

But now the payout system still refuses to publish my experience. I STILL cannot complete these payout settings, because system asks me for the personal ID number.
And i tried to add at least ten different types of numbers (of course the slovak ones), but nothing functioned.
The payout system also asked name and surname from me in the field called "legal entity", but i am no legal entity. Despite, i filled my name and surname.

Now (because of missing personal ID number, which i cannot write in any form, that possibly will be accepted ) i still cannot publish my experience! Auto payout settings (in red) tell me still "more info required".

Please, how does it work?
I would be grateful, if you could help me as soon as possible and thank you in advance,