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EU Payment service/skrill

mouade26 Member Posts: 2
i was surfing in the forum i've found people are very friendly here and everybody is trying each other i actualy have a question :
I created a payoneer account 15 days ago to have that EU payment service but after i created it i've found only the US payment service how can i apply for EU payment service.(i already received my card and i already activated it)
Can anyone who already sent funds from skrill to payoneer tell me what are the fees that payoneer account gonna apply for me sending money from skrill to EU payment service ?
i want to withdraw money from an atm in morocco what are the fees that payoneer gonna apply for that ?Is there any conversion fees included ?
thanks in advance to all of ya love the community
(sorry if i didn't put my question in the right category)


  • mouade26
    mouade26 Member Posts: 2
  • Coder_Dz
    Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
    You can use the USPS to withdraw from Skrill, which I have used myself without issues. If you have money in € in your Skrill instead, then it depends, as Skrill as I believe has a EU branch, and a US one, so if the transfer will occur from the EU branch, then you'll need to use the EUPS, otherwise you'll just need the USPS and you can choose either Skrill to convert the money for you, or I guess Payoneer will convert it once it reaches your USPS account, but that would be for a fee. (A percentage for currency conversion)

    The fee that Payoneer will take when you use one of their USPS/EUPS/UKPS is very small, just %1 per transaction.

    The conversion fee will be set by the Bank you use their ATM, and same for withdrawal, Payoneer's fees are very low, but the Bank you'll use might not, and I'd recommend to use BNP Pariba or Société Générale and the like, and I guess At-Tijari Bank and the local ones will charge you more, but that's just a guesstimate thought of how it works in the region.

    Instead, there are dozens of freelancers from Morocco who would pay you locally if you want to pay for them using your Skrill or Payoneer, just look in Google and you'll be amazed how hard people are trying to pay online.