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Fake payment made from my account

umeraziz15 Member Posts: 4

Someone has fraudulently withdrawn money from account. i had $60 in my account. The hacker ended up $55 from it. Transaction Date
Merchant Name
Make A Payment Service Code 9898
Merchant Location
New York NY US
United States of America
Transaction Number
Transaction Type
Make A Payment Service Code 9898

I am very upset about it. Please anyone can how this happened and can i reverse this payment?


  • TetianaR
    TetianaR Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I had the same situation recently, just now communicating with Payoneer to do something concerning this issue. How did you solve your situation? Have you returned the money?
  • If you are reporting an unauthorized transaction you need to contact our support center as soon as possible by chat or phone so we can block your card and secure any available funds. Please respond to their emails as promptly as possible with all the information they need so they can best assist you with this unfortunate matter.
  • TetianaR
    TetianaR Member Posts: 4
    Thank you, Jason, the Payoneer blocked the card after my three attempts to log in, as I have found out later unknown person changed the email of my account so that I can't log in, just now my account is already working, but I still have not received any notifications concerning the question will be my money returned or not, the hacker has stolen all my money from the balance. Could you please tell me how much time in general the security department consider such questions?
  • power17
    power17 Member Posts: 1

    I have also had this problem 2 weeks ago. I got an email as confirmation that My Payments is confirmed and done. Then I log in into my account and $500 are missing. So, I reported it immediately to your Support Center, and Live Chat too. I did that in about 10 minutes after I received the confirmation email. Then, the great part comes. I have waited 4 days to receive a confirmation from your Support Team - but they just requested Copy of my ID, back of ID, photo with Me holding my ID and Payoneer Paper, and everything else. I sent them everything, and then waited again 6 days to receive an email that I can now CHANGE MY email address on my account. They didn't even refunded my money, neither cared about it.

    I do not know how faster do I need to report it? I reported it like 10 minutes after happening! Waited about 2 weeks and nothing with my money :)

    What should I do ?
  • Alexander_Vasiljev
    Alexander_Vasiljev Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I had the same situation today .I have changed my PIN code an my Password account. $5000 are missing from my account :(
    Transactions $3000 , $1000 and $1000
    I have posted question to Support but have no response yet .
    What should i do ?
  • Juliadondokova
    Juliadondokova Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2016