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Payoneer removed my withdraw to bank option!!!!!

Digitalf Member Posts: 3
Payoneer removed my US bank withdrawal option. and I need it because ATM withdrawal is too limited.

Please see the live chat anwser what do the companies who pay me have to do with my ability to withdraw My balance

Julie: I see that you had the withdrawal to bank service available, however currently not all the companies you work with and that are linked to your account support this service so the system unfortnately had to disable it. I apologize, however you will still have the option to get payments and use the card.
Stan Kayser: What companies, I have used the withdraw option many times. It is not to get payments it is to use withdraw our balance
Julie: I understand what you mean but some of the companies you work with do not support the service according to our agreement with them and it means the system needed to disable this withdrawal to bank service
Stan Kayser: But which companies we are working with the same companies as always?
Julie: Kindly note that I currently don't have the company for which the agreement has been changed, however this is the current situation. I deeply apologize, but as advised you can still use the card.
Stan Kayser: No I cannot I cant take enough money fromthe atm to pay the bills I need my withdrawal options, Why is the option still available on our old card?
Julie: What do you mean by available to the old card?
Stan Kayser: when I click on my old card 5963, withdrawal is still available and they are the EXACT same companies we are working with

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