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I am now about to be out of business

Hello dear payoneer community. let me share this experience with you. maybe payoneer will see this and make adjustments.
I sale products online and payoneer is my only option when it comes to getting payed. and i have made good progress in making money and increasing my revenue. but recently i was shocked by what i saw.
it went down like this. i had withdrawn money from my local bank using POS/Bank Teller Cash Disbursement service. and the fees that payoneer charged me with was so high i know have little money even to pay for my web host. And i wrote to payoneer my complaint and this is what i got on the auto replay message

"Please be advised that payments transferred via the Credit Card Loading Service are subject to processing fees of up to 3.75%. If you received a smaller payment amount than expected, please check to see if the difference can be attributed to the fee."

i didn't even know there was this much higher percentage fee. i didn't see it on the fee list. on top of that it doesn't add up to the fees they charged me when i included the 3.75% fee.

What do you think guys? is it fair to charge this much high fee? really how do you survive?
this is my first. so please whom ever reading this, it needs change or at least have to be fair. other wise if it continues like this. I will be out of business within short period of time. And even if i charge my customers higher to accommodate these fees, i might as well stop using payoneer altogether because nobody is going to buy me.

So please. We need discussion and need to have common ground to work.


  • Coder_Dz
    Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
    Well, Paypal used to charge me %4.9!

    When I used 2CO they charged me %5 plus 30 days my money remained locked plus %5 being locked for 90 days.

    The private load fee is heavy indeed, but Payoneer provides it as a side service not a main one, and I believe loads approval may become sometimes manual, so all in all, you should rather use something like, then withdraw to Payoneer USPS, and all that wouldn't go over %2, as there'll be %1 for USPS, and barely %1 for
  • Mike123
    Mike123 Member Posts: 2
    well @Coder_Dz thanks. for the advice. i will look in to, from what i read so far it looks too good to be true. are you using it right now? shall i go for it?