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Why i charged when i get nothing?


My account has 202$ i try to withdraw 1800 MAD (maroccan dirham) using ATM , which is equal to 192.22$ but it failed but when i saw my online account it shows that pending authorization and shows -192.22$ and remaining balance 0.83$ !! i did try to change the ATM but then it said " insufficient fund"  !! why i charged when i get nothing?

I’m using payoneer 3 years now and i withdraw $1500 to $1800 every month i did never had this probleme !

Why a ATM need a authorization?

Can you please help me with that? or just cancel this pending authorization and return it to my balance?

Have a good day.


  • abdeddine
    abdeddine Member Posts: 2
    I did contact Payoneer Support, Reference Number: 160309-004547, 2 Days and NO REPLY !!!