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Where can I find the routing number on my payoneer card?

kera25 Member Posts: 1
I want to request direct payment from a company but I need the routing number.


  • Niftheen
    Niftheen Member Posts: 6
    You can find it in Global Payment Service under the Receive menu.
    You will find the following informations there,
    Bank Name
    Routing (ABA)
    Account Number
    Account Type
    Beneficiary Name
  • CK25
    CK25 Member Posts: 3
    Kobo want to know the city where the bank account is. I found Henrico VA which Kobo does not recognise.
  • CK25
    CK25 Member Posts: 3
    Your confirmation email has issues. My IT guy (works at google) says "I've let them bypass the problem they're hitting (which is the first time I've ever had to do that)"