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Why is my payment status display "Processing Card Load" and take too delay to load

Niftheen Member Posts: 6

Please help me in this payment!!

I am Niftheen ASM from Sri Lanka.

I loaded a small payment from Fiverr for an urgent bill payment on Monday (02/29/2016 22:06).

It says the message that "Processing Card Load" with this message I am waiting here for TEN Days.
Today (11.03.2016)

I set up immediate load payment. It loaded me for other payment (early payments) just 10-30 minutes. But this time takes SO SO SO MANY DAYS. That's way I come here.

I contact Payoneer team via email and they replayed first time as
"We have transferred your request to the relevant department. We will notify you via email as soon as we have any updates regarding this issue."
Then I contact them three more time but they didn't reply me.

What is happening in Payoneer?
Can you tell me what is the problem in it?
Why does it take so many days?

I can't change immediate load because it fix as permanently and I don't know how to change it in normal loading process (3 Business days to load)


  • Niftheen
    Niftheen Member Posts: 6
    I got my money after 13 days (from 29.02.2016 to 13.03.2016) after chat with Payoneer customer support.
  • creativeteresa
    creativeteresa Member Posts: 1
    Hello please I need help, I funded by payoneer account via fiverr. It has appeared in my history that money has already hit my payoneer account but my card is under processing card loading. customer support contacted me and told me to attach any government id card and I should State my billing address, the state and country, have done all of what they ask. Please how many days would it take from my details to be verified.
  • Junny
    Junny Member Posts: 1
    Pls My payment status shows processing card load. What can I do?
  • Niftheen
    Niftheen Member Posts: 6
    Contact them via phone call or direct chat. They will load your money ASAP. Otherwise it take long term.