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Payment failure Mastercard Alibaba Trade Assurance

If there is anyone who uses Alibaba, precisely Trade Assurance service, you should know that they have recently introduced a new and very convenient method of payment - Mastercard. This should be a real breakthrough for everyone who uses Payoneer. Nevertheless, despite my belief that my life will be a bit easier, I've discovered that it impossible to a make payment by MasterCard issued by Payoneer due to "the Card stolen risk" (this is the explanation given by alibaba's support team). Is anyone here who has managed to make such a payment or faced the same problem?


  • soybarselonka
    soybarselonka Member Posts: 2
    Same situation, unfortunately
  • soybarselonka
    soybarselonka Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2016
    Alibaba support said they can't accept my payment with Payoneer master card "for security reasons" and don't know when this problem will be solved
  • buyer
    buyer Member Posts: 1
    Also got this problem. Nevertheless card is accepted for aliexpress payments (I guess its same alipay system). Strange that this 2 players (payoneer / alibaba) cand find solution for this type of transaction. I hope that will find the way as Im not intetested to loose money of comissions and time...