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Payment under review

mrnunez Member Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Freelancers

I invoice the company I was freelancing to, but my "reciving funds" is still under review after sending all the requested documentation. How long can take till the funds arrives?




  • mfaizansaleem
    mfaizansaleem Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I am also still waiting for my payments I loaded 5 days ago. and I also emailed to support team but they are not answering me.
  • TorDigger
    TorDigger Member Posts: 1
    Payment sent 2/28/2016 but still reflect under review, I submitted required info demanded by payoneer thru email. Help please..
  • nurak
    nurak Member Posts: 2
    My client transferred 3 payments. 1 thru a credit card, 1 thru bank transfer and this time, he again transferred thru credit card and but this time the payment was rejected twice. Got through the third time. BUT;

    After I got the payment through, the status was "Payment Under Review" and I got an email saying I need to fill up a FORM. I filled up the form and I was asked for the photo identity. I sent that too. But the status is still "Payment Under Review".

    I tried to get support, but the chart support was not available. I sent a ticket .. I got a reply from "Customer Care":

    Your question has been received. Your inquiry is important to us.
    Our staff will contact you within 3 business days.

    Subject: I am providing documents for a payment.
    Reference Number: 160720-006890

    Does answering a ticket take 3 days?

    As people have complained above, what happens if it takes ages to get the funds loaded? I pay my hosting fees from the card and if the funds are not loaded, my hosting will be suspended.

    My client is also worried, too.

    So what is the fastest way to get this resolved?
  • heilong
    heilong Member Posts: 3
    Guys, this was a while ago. How long did it take? What happened in the end?
  • nprez
    nprez Member Posts: 2
    Got same problem here 3 days and still waiting for that Processed and loaded???
  • WilfredoPerez
    WilfredoPerez Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2016
    The same problem here, I sent the info required yesterday and nobody answers or gives me info about my case and money. I tried to contacted by live chat but unfourtently it's off. I sent an Email but I read that the support by email sucks, so How long this process take?
  • beni
    beni Member Posts: 4
    My situation is same.Seriously how long they take to review my payment?I provided required document same day but still nothing.
  • mega6382
    mega6382 Member Posts: 1
    The payment has been marked like that since yesterday. How long will it take to be approved?
  • WilfredoPerez
    WilfredoPerez Member Posts: 2
    Ok guys let me say my expecrience with this issues:

    About 16 days ago the company where I'm working, sent a payment and this payment was under review. The first step that I did was send my docs. 3 labor days after Payoneer sent me an email about that the payment under review was released. I talked by Payonner's live chat 3 times because I was worried and a woman told me that when your payment is under review more than 4 days it's because the founds are doubtful, I think it's the best way to contac with payoneer fast and secure.

    Before the payment was released, I needed to wait 5 labors days to get my money.

    I do recommend talk by live chat because it's effective use it.

    I hope that help you.

  • keikilanikay
    keikilanikay Member Posts: 1
    I'm going thru the same not sure if I'd like to continue using payoneer.they seem not to have no immediate answers for me when requested.but the sure want more of your info.ive been waiting for weeks cause my funds are being!
  • mudaber
    mudaber Member Posts: 1
    I am waiting for my payment from last 4 days. But unfortunately its still under review. I contacted to payoneer team many times. But every time they replied to me that your payment is under review and it will be released within few moments. But its still under review. I am using my account from last couple of years. I never face any problem with payoneer. But now payoneer team is changing their policies. Which are not good. Now my daughter is in hospital and I need this money urgently. But despite of payment from my client I am still waiting for it. Kindly help me what should I do ?
  • noemyramos
    noemyramos Member Posts: 1
    hello I already have two late payments by Payoneer command id confirmation payments to them any more so far they are not even there for us already sent several emails to them more not answer me the way and all take us out prints of payments made in Payoneer and send on twitter them so well they will do something exposing to them and see and for all to see that agent are not lying agent works and we need our money and they are holding I already do more than 10 days do not get and so far none of them solve my problem and I with many bills to pay
  • nadiakhan1987
    nadiakhan1987 Member Posts: 2
    This is happening quite often to everyone now. I think the policy has taken a turn and though payoneer is not admitting it but I feel they have changed the policy. They require every loader to send I.D and bank statement/ Credit card image. Payments are going on hold, the normal fraud detection procedure is not being followed, they need to call the loader and the bank, which of course they are not doing.

    In the U.S most people will not give you their I.D and bank statement, they don't even give their driving license as well. It really looks shady on payoneer's part asking for such a document that 90 % of the time will not be sent by the loader/client. And on top of it all the email that is sent to the loader is just horrible, the text needs to be a bit more friendly and convincing, its as if we want to steal their details. I mean, have you heard of anyone wanting to give their Bank statement to a company that isn't known globally ? If it was paypal I would have understood but Payoneer is on the ground rising up such issues will just cause distress to people like us, upon whom the business of payoneer is working.

    I agree on some part with payoneer, they are regulated and have high standards to maintain but in the midst of it all customer support/ query resolution needs to be of the highest level. Look at paypal, 2co, blue snap etc. Every account has a dedicated person. If the same thing can be applied issue might resolve quicker.
  • lesterjover
    lesterjover Member Posts: 5
    i received an email oct 14 regarding my money to be send to me from my client and it says 3-5 business days , but as of oct 21 today nothing is in my account . is there anybody can help me for this , it happen twice already is very frustrating these are the transcation ID Payment ID 32252624
    Payment Request ID 1118413
  • ArtyMcLabin
    ArtyMcLabin Member Posts: 1
    4 of my customers are waiting for that to settle and some of them are already waiting for 4 days. Please do something with that or at least provide some information about when will it be available!!!
    These people just wanted to pay me for the product, and now they are stuck without the ability to order more until these payments are confirmed... seriosuly.. it is very irresponsible..
  • abrarbbs
    abrarbbs Member Posts: 1
    I was sent a payment by a client a week ago but I couldn't have it in my account so I emailed them, they replied to me 6 days later!! They saying its still under review! when will I get my payment???????
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,302

    Hi @metrobank07

    Our team sent you an email today advising on the information we need to proceed in reviewing your payment. If there is still uncertainty, please contact our team directly

  • cocolilac
    cocolilac Member Posts: 1
    I was sent a payment by my employer last week, but it was pending, so I sent an inquiry to payoneer and was told that I needed to verify my documents. I sent all of the necessary documents right away, but I haven't received any response and my payment is still pending. When will I be able to receive my funds?
    Thank you,
  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @cocolilac Hello,

    Once you submit any requested documents asked of you. You will need to wait for our department to get a chance to review it. This can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. Once the review is over you will be notified via email.

    Thank you.

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