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its really bad situation

AYEt Member Posts: 2
I believe that my rights have been violated! I signed up and did nothing! ie I was not getting paid and doing nothing at all, so why you have locked my account? my partner in the white list! this is contrary to common sense, if there were any problem that you could reject my application ,but my application was approved and card sent for, why should I if you have blocked my account! I want you to understand that I received no payments and did nothing! if you think that I broke something then why have approved my application and sent the card , and after you have sent the card I did nothing with the account! that is, could not be broken! I am ready send screenshots my partner ! please open my account and let me get my first payout! you may not without the reason to close my account a couple of days after the registration you approved the application and sent the card! please understand and open an account.