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Card Activation and ATM withdrawing fees

draganna Member Posts: 1

I’ve recently opened a Payoneer account and had an inquiry regarding fees and such. I’ve sent an email to the customer support a few days ago but I’ve seen here that the answer could take a while, so I wanted to ask you guys while I’m waiting for the “official” response - just to have a clearer picture concerning the issue.

So: I’ve read the list of possible fees connected to a Payoneer account in the “Pricing And Fees” section, but I’m still not sure which of those will actually be applied to my account (I’m not from the US and will be withdrawing my funds via ATMs in my home currency).

I’d be thankful if you could let me know whether I understood the pricing and fees part correctly:

1. Card activation $5.00 (one time) and
2. Card Account Maintenance $3.00 / $1.00 (monthly, amount depends on the number of transactions).
(Also, am I to be charged either monthly maintenance or the annual or both of them?)

Then, each time I withdraw funds, this is the applied fee noted in the “Pricing And Fees” section:

ATM Withdrawal or POS/Bank Teller Cash Disbursement - Outside the U.S. $2.50 (each time I withdraw money via ATM)

Apart from the possible surcharge imposed by the owner of the ATM I am using is there any other fee when it comes to withdrawing funds from ATMs with my Payoneer MasterCard? (e.g. currency conversion/cross border fee)

Also, should I first transfer some funds to Payoneer or activate my card first and then transfer funds?

And one more thing :) What’s the limit that Payoneer has when it comes to withdrawing funds from ATMs?