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No way to get my money out of Payoneer system

Lara Member Posts: 1
I have two sources of income to my Payoneer account.
1. From partner 1 in EUR
2. From partner 2 in USD

I have a prepaid card linked to my EUR account. And I also have a bank account in EUR linked to Payoneer system. But as my main income is in USD so I'd like to have an easy way to get my USD money. So I see 4 ways to do so, but each of them doesn't work:

1. To release second card linked to my USD account. But I know you don't release second card
2. To cancel my current card in EUR and release the new one in USD. I contacted your support via e-mail, but there is still no answer.
3. To switch the my current card from EUR account to USD account. Same support ticket without any answer.
4. To make a wire transfer of funds in USD to my EUR bank account. But I the system asks for last 4 digits of an account. The problem is that there is a letter at the end of my account, so your system doesn't recognize it as correct. I've tried different combinations, but that did not work. I also tried to reach out your support, but still without any result.

Reference numbers of my tickets to your support:

I really begin to get nervous and would extremely appreciate your help.