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Card blocked, balance frozen

rafa1981 Member Posts: 7

last thursday (17 march) i received my first payment but before to load, i recevied an email from payoneer asking for documents, i sent to themthe follow documents:

- my website
- the invoice of my costumer about that payment
- screenshot about my paypal account showing my name and business name

after one hour i received another email saying that documents were fine and my payment was loaded.

This monday (21 march) i recieved a second payment and when i logged in my account i saw that my card was blocked but i didnt received any email or communication.
I contacted payoneer by chat and they say that they cannot do it nothing, i tried to call and nobody answer me, today i contacted payoneer again by chat and the only thing the guy told me was:

"Our system shows that your account is currently undergoing an internal review, and unfortunately I am unable to access your account information in order to assist you with your inquiry.
I do apologize for the inconvenience, and assure you that we will notify you via e-mail once the review has been completed. "

why so long? i want my money!!! i have more than 1k in my balanca, and whats happened with the payment i received on monday becuase i only see "payment canceled" but is not in my balance account.

thanks for the help!


  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7
    Hello Manolete, how do i communicate with the payment processing team?
  • haseebanjum
    haseebanjum Member Posts: 6
    The same happened with my wife!! She has an OLD account, and she has received MANY payments and done many transactions. Yet, some days ago, Payoneer cancelled her account WITHOUT any reason or notice!!

    She has emailed payoneer but it has been 3 days and no reply yet. This is wierd!

    Why are you guys doing this?
  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7

    Hi, are you still waiting?
  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7
    I have sent 10 emails, payoneer is not answering, they blocked my account with more than 1000$
  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7
    Card blocked since 1 week with more than 1000$ and still no replay, no answer from payoneer.....
  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7
    Still waiting!!
    Im desperate becuase i need that money $1164 but payoneer does not care about its costumers.
  • rafa1981
    rafa1981 Member Posts: 7
    Two weeks.... Still waiting a replay or something from payoneer...
  • nizer
    nizer Member Posts: 8
    your suport team are so slow and they do not give good answer i receive payments since last 6 days ntill now i receive nothing and today they block my card with no reason