buying from ebay, payoneer account billed but item is shown as not

khairokhairo Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
I have being using my payoneer master card to buy a lot of things from the internet lately.
yestaray, I tried to buy a desktop computer from ebay for $864.49, my payoneer account is shown to be billed for $873.13 in 1 minute after the purchase, (payment is still in held). but ebay refused the payment, it shows credit card is invalid or has expired. and ebay still asks me to pay for the item.
I bought a shoe from ebay using the same card few hours earlier, and it passed normally.

What will happen and what shall I do now? will the $873.13 return to my account, or will it go to the ebay buyer? ebay shows that the item is not payed, and the buyer relisted the item, which means another person can still buy it!!!

I'm afraid if my money will be released to the seller and I have no formal proof at ebay that the payment is sent.


  • khairokhairo Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    It's still the 5th day, my $873.13 is still in held, I have contacted costumer support and no answer from them yet. does anybody have an idea about what shall I do?
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