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Deceived by Payoneer

HarisKay Member Posts: 2
edited March 2016 in Ask The Community
It is not a surprise about how freelancers and their payments get delayed and exploited all over the globe and so it was bound to happen with Payoneer as well.

I made a withdrawal from one of my freelancing website accounts to Payoneer and received a nice joyful email that my funds are ready to be loaded. I was in a hurry since I've a International trip in 2 days so I thought of choosing the immediate load option (Payment ID: 24304003)

I mean you get your money in 2 hours instead of 2 days for an extra $3, how cool is that, right? WRONG! Apparently, they have something in their term and conditions called an "Internal review" and they can literally hold ANY of your payment for as long as they want. Why? Because they simply can. But what about the extra $3 we paid? Well good sir, you have been deceived.

I can not explain how stressful this whole thing have been, there is no ETA when I'll receive my funds and I've to leave for my trip in 2 days.

I honestly believed Payoneer to be a solution rather than a problem and thought of sticking to it for a long time since it comes handy in International travels, but I guess I will have to switch to credit card or Paypal when I move to U.S.

I hope our old and new members will learn something about their fancy "Immediate load" deceiving methods.

I would further like to add that upon research, I found out that there has been hundred of similar incidents with other users as well, which really makes Payoneer and unreliable solution for Freelancers.

I will research, blog and write further about this and hopefully someone will take an action against their contradicting policies, if not that then at least users would demand a better service from Payoneer. I have used many Payment websites during my career but this "Internal review" is simply ridiculous.

You are receiving money payments from well-known websites i.e, any review shouldn't take more than a few minutes, I will also consult about this incident with the website who makes my payment and question them why my funds are being reviewed and why does it take so long.

In-case someone is wondering if I should contact them first about this then yes, I did. I always call them directly on their helpline when I need to find something out but the only response I've got is "Sorry, your payment is under review." "Sorry, we can not tell you anything else" Give me a break.



  • HarisKay
    HarisKay Member Posts: 2
    Update: It was the problem with the call operator, not the Payoneer system. When I called them, a guy told me that my payment is under review and all, but actually it was a technical error that one of the operators named Netali clarified and provided me with a quick solution.

    I would recommend talking to Netali if you are facing similar problems, she is a really helpful girl.

    Thank you.