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No sign of activity on my payoneer account


First let me apologise for my english: I live in Belgium and english is not my first langage.

I am using Payoneer for 5 months now, mostly to recieve transactions from airbnb. Everything worked fine until 3 or 4 weeks ago. The problem that came to me is this one:

When I connect to my online account (either from a computer or from my smartphone), I keep seeing that my sold is $0.00. However, there are a lot of financial movements that have happened these weeks, because I have received several transactions from airbnb (last one was two days ago). This is strange because when I use my Payonneer card in a cash machine, the cash machine gives me my money as it's supposed to do. So the problem does not come from my transactions, but from the payoneer interface.

Another thing: since I face this bug, I can no more check my account activity neither the transaction history: it all appear empty. Before the bug I could check it and there was all my transactions listed but now it all disapeared.

This is a problem because I need to use this account to send transaction, and the site doesn't allow me to, because according to the bug-interface, I have no money to send.

I check the FAQ and other message from the forum, but I have not find anyone with the same problem I got. Please, could someone help me?

Thank you very much