I Need Urgent Help!

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I need urgent help!
I need very urgent help

I want my money back, since my card never arrived after 2 months and you have charged me 2 months for nothing
I chatted with 'Agnes' and although I clearly stated that I didn't want new cards, she ordered a DHL new card... and guess what? I have to PAY 60USD for that!!!

Later, she THREW ME AWAY of the chat session, send me a 'confirmation' mail about that DHL shipment I didn't approved and blocked my card!!!

I attached proofs

I need my money back!!!


You are now chatting with 'Agnes'
Your reference number for this chat is LTK12129069813408X
Agnes: Hello and welcome to Payoneer Customer Support, how may I help you?
Julian: Hi
Julian: I have problems using your service
Agnes: Can I have the answer to your secure question: What is your oldest cousin's name?
Julian: (edited: personal data)
Agnes: Thank you.
Julian: my background: i created my account in aug 28
Agnes: what is the problem exactly?
Julian: was promised my card to arrive in oct 1
Julian: y even load some money in sept, just because i was pretty confident in you
Julian: now, almost 2 months later
Julian: 1. no card
Julian: 2. 2 months fee charged for a service i haven't use!
Julian: i trusted you as my payment service for my odesk account and now i'm pretty disappointed
Julian: and now i have lost 6usd because of nothing
Julian: i want to cancel my account and get back my money!
Julian: i don't want to wait another 2 months for a card and neither to keep losing money in fees for a service i dont use
Agnes: we can order your new card by DHL
Agnes: it cost 60 USD
Julian: you're crazy if think im gonna pay 60usd for a shipment
Julian: i just want my money back
Julian: no cards, no 2 months waitings
Julian: refund me the fees you charged me for nothing and return my funds
Julian: that's all i want
Agnes: ok
Agnes: Please reply with your address in the following format:
Agnes: * Street Address Line 1 (limit to 30 characters):
Agnes: * Street Address Line 2 (limit to 30 characters):
Agnes: * City/State:
Agnes: * Country:
Agnes: * Zip Code:
Julian: why do you need that data??
Julian: i already put it in my profile and in the costumer service emails!
Agnes: you want the same? May be that was the problem, that your address was not correct. Can you confirm?
Julian: i confirm that the info in my profile is correct
Julian: a friend of mine never received his card as well, and we both put right information
Julian: so mine it's not a unique case
Julian: i need to manage my funds
Julian: and i can't trust you
Julian: 2 months and no card!
Julian: i mean, amazon sends me stuff in one week... a live in a major city, not the jungle
Agnes: can you confirm your shipping address?
Julian: the only way i can trust you is if you dhl me a new card that actually arrives and charge me fees AFTER i activate it
Julian: (edited: personal data)
Julian: hello??
Agnes: Zip code?
Julian: (edited: personal data)
Julian: what is you solution for me??
Agnes: I`m ordering your card by DHL
Agnes: you will get the card within 6-8 days
Julian: i won't gonna pay for that
Agnes: USD
Agnes: will be deducted from your card balance
Julian: NO!
Julian: i won't pay anything
Agnes: That`s what you said
Julian: NO!
Agnes: already ordered
Julian: WTF?
Julian: i dint order anything!
Agnes: the only way i can trust you is if you dhl me a new card - that`s what you said
Julian: i dont want cards
Julian: for FREE
Julian: i wont pay 60usd!!!
Julian: for a card!
Julian: please then cancel my account immediately and GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!
Julian: you have cost me 6usd for far for a useless service!
Julian: and now you pretend i have to pay ANOTHER 60USD??!!
Julian: you're crazy!
Julian: please, give me my money back
You are not currently in a chat session.


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    Another proof
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    jcpmmx wrote:

    Another proof


    I am sorry you are upset and I understand your frustration.

    Allow me to assure you that no DHL fee was charged and will not be charged to your account.

    If you would like to continue using Payoneer we can refund all previous monthly fees that were charged, and have a new card sent to you free of charge, via standard mail. The original card was shipped but must have been delayed during the postal process.

    If you would instead like to cancel your account, please send me a PM with the username of your oDesk account, and I will look into having the payment sent back to oDesk.

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service

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