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Account blocked but no notice at all?

sknepal Member Posts: 9
Trying to log in to my account just shows "Account blocked, please contact customer support". It has almost been a week, and have not received any reply at all. I see the queries in the forum related to the same are not even answered. This is very unprofessional. You are holding people's account hostage (& with it their money) and this tactic is even worst than that of PayPal's -- at least they respond to customer queries. What is so difficult in notifying people beforehand that their account is blocked, or replying to them within the so-called "3 days"?


  • eduardoescdel
    eduardoescdel Member Posts: 6
    You are right, i'm also facing this problem while trying to login: "Account blocked, please contact customer support". There is no friking way i can get to contact payoneer to get rid of this situation. Has anyone come with a solution for this?
  • sknepal
    sknepal Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2016
    Apparently they're closing my account with no explanation whatsoever. After having spent 3 years with them, and referring 200 people to Payoneer, I wonder what led them to do this.