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Wrong address for the delivery of the card

Hi everyone. Here is my situation;

I accidently entered the wrong address (one that doesn't even actually exist) for my card to be delivered at. I only noticed it one day after the card was due to arrive so I went and changed the address info on my payoneer account and received an email saying they are going to issue a new card and send it to a new address. However that's not what I wanted, I we'll go to the local post office after the weekend and try to find out can they track down where the card ended up, I can't go earlier cause they aren't open till monday.

I went and sent a ticket to payoneers support center, but the form requries me to select one of the topics that are already set, and once I explained the issue I've received an auto-reply message answering the topic selected from the dropdown, which doesn't really help in my situation.

So I'd like to ask a few questions here:

- how can I get in contact with someone from payoneer instead of getting these auto-replys and get them to cancel the order for this new card?

- each package in my local office should have its on identification number, is there a way payoneer could help me track my card by providing me with that package number?

- if I don't manage to find the card originally sent, would I need to pay for a new one, and if so, how much.

Thanks in advance.