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Account has been locked, no answer, reps put us on hold until the line cuts off

Aleksandra777 Member Posts: 3
Hello everybody, I have a situation here and I'd really appreciate if someone could help us out.
My boyfriend's account has been locked about 2 weeks ago.
It all went down like this:
He tried to log in, but they asked for a security question. He couldn't remember the answer to the security question, and he made a mistake - twice. We didn't want to risk it the third time so we stopped there.
Then we called the customer support and explained the situation - he gave all the necessary info to confirm his identity. Then the guy (Mason I think) tried to log in once again on his own and the account automatically locked.
From then on we've been trying to get control of the account and with no success. We sent his ID photo and everything they asked for, and no answer for a week.
Today we called twice, and whenever we told the customer support representatives what was going on, they would put us on hold until the line was cut off! Two of them.
We called again, and no one would pick up!
The last message we got when he had sent his scanned ID was:

Thank you for replying with the requested information.
We have transferred your information to the relevant department for final processing.
Thank you for your patience and co-operation in this regard.
Customer Care

Can anyone please help us out? What should be our next step?