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adibutt Member Posts: 9
Hi all,

Like many Freelancers, earning is my main source of income and I rely on this for living. I requested a withdrawal of 2 months earning in a single withdrawal and still not received my payments through Payoneer Global Bank Transfer

Country: Pakistan

Payoneer Support ticket [Reference Number: 151012-002370]‏ Payoneer Transaction Date : 10/05/2015

Here is the situations in details

1). on 5th: sent march withdrawal payment to Payoneer as expected. And Payoneer automatically initiated a bank transfer payment to my linked bank account

2). After waiting 5days, I contacted Payoneer and got response with the bank transfer confirmation details in a PDF attachment. Fund is still not appearing in my bank account.

3). Support staff asked for bank details to verify my bank details on their system file, which I’ve sent as per their request and they told me to contact my local bank branch to investigate the bank transfer payments and locate fund

4). I visited my bank branch with a written application and they told me that this is not an issue related to the local bank(my bank branch), and its related to the bank where the fund is deposited(where bank transfer was initiated). Also my local bank can’t check the issue with the Payoneer payment reference number (as it was not initiated from their system).

5). Usually Payoneer local bank transfer payment is deposited from a 3rd party bank within the country, so Payoneer should contact them first for the confirmation

6). Even after 25 days fund is not appearing on my bank statements :crying: . So far support staffs are responding properly

Questions to Payoneer

1). Who is responsible for the whole issue here ?

2). Will Payoneer compensate me the amount, in case funds goes missing ?

3). When will I get my payments ?

Questions to fellow Authors

1). Anyone with the similar problems with Payoneer ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.