Local ATM extraction limit


I live in Argentina and eventhough Payoneer's daily extraction limit is $2500 local ATMs won't let me extract more than $300 at a time.

I wanted to please know what is the exact extraction limit at ATMs around the world to see where should I withdraw my money in places such as:

- Perú
- Bolivia
- Spain
- Belgium
- Czech Republic

Thanks in advance!!


  • Adam_Payoneer
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    Hi, the limits imposed on the card vary depending on the program of the card and is not associated to local banks. Limits imposed by the ATM operators (banks) are either due to the banks policies or local governing laws. As with the majority of our cards, the withdraw limit is $2500 every 24 hours

    It is possible that the countries mentioned have higher withdrawal limits at the ATM than Argentina. We are assuming this information is available online unless we have other forum users that can share their insights. 

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

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