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Linking Payoneer to adult sites will get you banned?

solegit Member Posts: 6
I've been with Payoneer for over 2 years now and i'm happy, never had a problem but i'd like to have real feedback on this topic, as i want to receive payments from two adult companies but don't want to risk my account.

so I've been reading on forums about this topic and came across this thread

'' ''

according to the guy on the thread he never linked his US payment service to the adult site, and chaturbate can be linked to Payoneer as it has been approved by Payoneer yet his account was banned entirely not only the US payment service.

So even though it is allowed by Payoneer (Not US payment service as they're separate entities) if i were to receive payments from said adult companies could that trigger a red flag on my account and be banned?

I want to ask if I can receive payments from chaturbate and crackrevenue specifically without getting banned from Payoneer- not beating around the bush please just a Yes or No.