Payoneer card don't work in Armenia

varam97varam97 Member Posts: 1
Hi. I receive my payoneer card in Armenia. And I try to check card balance in Armenian banks. And I got answer from bank that check request is rejected by payoneer.
What is the issue? and it's possible to receive money from US to Armenia using payoneer card?
And also question. How much is the payoneer fee in $100? I receive all $100 when someone send me $100?
Thank you.


  • 55misho55misho Member Posts: 2
    axpers hanuma bayc [email protected] chi cuyc tali ,i amen angam harcum aneluc 1$ tanum ,[email protected] nayi henc qo @qauntum hay biznes [email protected] 1% tokosa pahum ,inchqan gitem 3 $ el pahuma payoner
  • Knarik85Knarik85 Member Posts: 2
    Barev dzez! Yes nor em Payoneer account bacel, bayc chgitem ardyoq partadir e irenc Prepaid Master [email protected] patvirel? Aranc dra chem karox "Withdraw money" anel ev bankayin hashvics stanal?
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    Hi there
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