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Payoneer experience

jay3000bc Member Posts: 1
I am trying Payoneer for the first time. I receive payment from Global Service (Upwork). The payment from Upwork has arrived in Payoneer. The Payoneer homepage shows the amount.

I have few doubts and questions regarding Payoneer -

(1) First of all, the Payoneer site, works and looks very strange, unlike any normal website. Whenever you click on a link, it always opens a new page, no matter what link it is. This is very annoying.

(2) Visit any Payoner page, where there is a Form with Drop down options. Now, if you scroll, it works abnormal, suddenly scrolls very fast. This is very annoying. I am using a MAC.

(3) Payment has arrived from Upwork to my Payoneer account, I never got any emails from Payoneer.

(4) There was no Withdraw button, so I had to call there their Help Number. The support guy told me, that the withdrawal process is automatic, meaning - they will automatically transfer funds to my local bank account within 24 hrs.

(5) After 24hrs. I see the amount has been debited. Again no emails for this from Payoneer. Although the amount shows as debited, but I really don’t know, in which account it was debited, no confirmation, nothing. Imagine, what will happen if the transaction had failed or the payment was not remitted to our local bank.

(6) Lastly, the Payoneer Email support is real BAD - Even after 5 days, I did not receive any reply to my support queries. Strange!

Overall, these type of experiences make BAD usability of the site. :/