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About Payoneer Turkey

Myiso Member Posts: 1
Hello there

As you know, PayPal is now in Turkey's walked away. Therefore, payment problems getting their webmaster site is available. Companies pay with PayPal, but yesterday was taking the news is no longer in line with PayPal in Turkey took the decision to withdraw. Payoneer i introduces some major webmaster sites about me Payoneer it. I expect your support in this regard.

I would like to inform you that I would be happy to help you in Turkey. Even Turkey Payoneer I would like structure located on the bottom Turkey on this issue with you.

Thank you

Ismail Kayakoku
Google Adwords & Facebook-Instagram Ads Manager.


  • ozkan
    ozkan Member Posts: 4
    Hello. I am from Turkey too. Are you able to get your money from paypal to payoneer?
  • v_z
    v_z Member Posts: 3
    Same here. I'm from Turkey and I was working with PayPal before. Since PayPal suspend its services in Turkey due to conflicts with government , I had to look for alternatives but here is like nightmare. I got payment at 06/10/16 but still waiting. it says " Payment Under Review" even though i provide them all necessary information. if it lasts more than 1-2 days I'll ask you to stop reviewing and cancel my payments and tell the company to pull money back and cancel the transaction then I'll look for another option. I don't even mention the customer service (what? customer service? there is no customer service in payoneer.). I tried 5-6 times to reach customer service by calling but not change!. I can't even email them a question because their page is not even working, Everything was instant at PayPal.I missed them already . I have 2 payment requests which are still under review. I am very disappointed with the payoneers services for now.
  • KeremGogus
    KeremGogus Member Posts: 2
    I'm from Turkey and I was using Paypal too without problems till they leave. I joined Payoneer and still didn't get correct answers to my questions from an actual person - all I'm getting is automated messages.

    I added my local bank account in Turkey and it seems working but when I asked to Payoneer help desk to confirm the "automated message" said its not possible to withdraw money to my local bank account from Payoneer.

    I filled a form to asked for their card but Payoneer forms are so ridiculous I couldn't even enter my address correctly (because of ridiculous 40 character limit) and I realized I forgot the enter the apartment name - I contacted with Payoneer help desk about it and no answer yet.

    Payoneer sadly the only option left for 3D artists from Turkey like me, working with Turbosquid.