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Payoneer support is simply awefull

ingweland Member Posts: 2
I am writing here just to raise this problem. Payoneer support is completely broken. I am waiting for the response from support team for 1 week with no response. And this is not the first time. Not to mention that submitting support ticket is pain. Currently, this process looks like following:
1) Scan the long list of topics and select one. This is mandatory step. However, there is a good chance that correct topic is absent
2) Write the message and click Submit button
3) Read all proposed answers (why do I need to do it???)
4) Click on INDEED submit my ticket (again, really???)
5) Here is the most funny: receive the automatic e-mail with yet another set of proposed answers and the message that you have to reply to this e-mail if you still want to receive another answer. This step is simply ridiculous.
6) Wait multiple days until you receive at least some response which typically does not answer/resolve your original question/problem.

I can understand that such things may happen once. However, it's seems to be normal, because this is absolutely same thing that happened to me during last few months.

At the same time, it's impossible to use Live chat. First, it does not work 24/7 (what a shame - Payoneer supposed to be global service). Second, it's unavailable even during working hours.

Now, I am waiting for pending load to my card to be resolved for 9 days, with no resolution from support team.