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Which intermediary bank in Pakistan is used to process the payments?

aay1870 Member Posts: 1
I have been receiving payments via the Global Bank Transfer to Pakistan for the past 5-6 weeks on a weekly basis. All the payments have successfully been received without any issues except for the last one (which I was supposed to have received by Wednesday June 1st).
Payoneer support has been helpful enough to send me a PDF document titled "Confirmation of Bank Transfer" - but I do not believe that is MT103 (I could be wrong since I am not sure what a MT103 looks like). This document has the Payoneer reference ID and the details like date of transfer, instructed amount, amount settled, currency, bank account, etc.
I have contacted my bank to trace the payment. However, since these payments are not regular wire transfers directly into my bank account (i.e. I am sure an intermediary bank in Pakistan is involved), my question is - which bank is that? So I can tell my bank's branch manager to contact that intermediary bank and trace this payment.
Can someone from the community moderators please assist me with this? I would really appreciate the assistance.
Thank you.


  • Adam_Payoneer
    Adam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,021 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    Excelent question. We work with several providers in order to process low cost bank payments in order to make our service cost effiecent for you. The MT103 form will include all the required details your bank needs to locate the transfer. This can also include the intermediary bank that was involved in the processing of your funds.

    Should your bank still have difficulties locating the funds even with the form (extremly rare cases), let our team team by replying to their email so they can assist you in obtaining the funds. 

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

  • donrichie19
    donrichie19 Member Posts: 1
    Now I requested that same form yet payoneer keep resending the transfer confirmation PDF. I also want the MT103 form please. 13 days gone and still payment not received.
  • tariq4422
    tariq4422 Member Posts: 7
    Same problem .

    Any one can guide me what to do .

    I withdraw funds to my Bank account On 18-Jul-2018 (630usd) .

    Transaction ID : 83786859

    Transfer ID : 4366182205797541
    Transfer amount : 79305.03 PKR ( 630usd )

    Today Date is : 9-AUG-2018

    Still I have not received any amount in my bank account .

    You provided me :

    1) MT103 fORM
    2) Transfer confirmation Pdf


    I Contacted with you 10 times on Live chat and On emails .

    I provided to bank the MT103 FORM AND Transfer confirmation pdf to
    to bank person locally .

    They replied me they are unable to Trace the Funds . you need to contact
    with Sender .

    Bank person let me know that sender of the funds should needs to
    register a complain against bank .


    Let me know what i do now ? Where are my funds ?

    Please Cancel the Transaction and add funds again in my payoneer account .

    You are the responsible of my Funds i should needs funds within 2 days.

  • coachbef
    coachbef Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2020
    Hi guys, I experienced this problem with the late payment as well.
    Here's my story. I live in Lahore.
    The account I was withdrawing to was "Bank AlFalah Royal Savings Account". It is basically a just a normal savings account.

    (I was withdrawing from Payoner to bank account in another person's name. Freelance related.)

    I added the recipient account in Payoneer, I don't remember the exact settings i used. Payoneer allows sending money to an account whose name is different than your name but there are various options to select.

    (26 Feb 2020) The Withdrawal request was made on 26 Feb 2020, the amount was $2000

    (12 March 2020) After not receiving the amount, I asked Payoneer chat (it took almost 1.5 hours to get a chance to talk to support). I checked the banking details that I had entered were correct. I took a "Confirmation of Transfer" to Bank AlFalah and asked them to trace the transaction on 12 March 2020. ("Confirmation of Transfer" can be found by clicking a transaction on the Payneer dashboard. It is a PDF file). I took it to the bank branch and the banking officer told me to email it to him, he sent it to the bank's remittance office and asked for a trace. I went home. The bank did not follow up after that.

    (15 April 2020) A month passed, and I grew anxious, the payments usually only take a few days. So, i asked Payoneer chat (it took almost 1.5 hours to get a chance to talk to support). The support person reassured me and arranged for a "Proof of Payment" document to be sent to me by email.
    I took the "Proof of Payment" document to the bank and asked them to trace the payment again. I took it to the bank in my smartphone and the banking officer told me to email it to her email address. She sent it to Bank Alfalah's remittance office and asked for a trace. Right there and then, the reply came back that they could not trace the SWIFT.
    I was assured of further correspondence from the bank. I went home.
    The bank did not follow up after that. I did write a reply to the email one time demanding for the department's reply and the banking officer responded with the series emails that they had exchanged with their remittance department.

    (?? June 2020) 2 more months passed, I was losing hope. Payoneer said that they contacted my bank and did not get a reply for too long. So, they ended my case. I contacted Payoneer chat support again (it took almost 1.5 hours to get a chance to talk to support). The support person reassured me that the issue would be resolved soon. They told me to ask my bank to trace the transaction again.
    This time, I had asked my whatsapp group and looked in the payoneer forum. Most people's transaction amount was traced using an MT103 document. MT103 is basically a document containing SWIFT tracking codes of a transaction. It is for bank use. It is helpful in finding out where a transaction might have gotten stuck.
    I asked the chat support about this MT103 document and they told me that it would be delivered to me by email.
    After that, I received an email from Payoneer almost every week. It said that they were waiting for a reply from their partner banks. However, i kept waiting for the email containing the MT103 document.
    An email came that said sounded different, it said that "We are reviewing this matter further with our bank" "we will update you as soon as we have additional information".

    (9 July 2020) I received an email from Payoneer. It said that "your payment was declined, as the recipient's bank was unable to process the payment". It contained the amount and transaction id. I logged into Payoneer. The amount had been refunded in Payoneer. And thus my ordeal ended.

    In Summary:
    Thank you Payoneer for finally getting my funds back
    I should add that a few days after this transaction, I made another one to HBL and it arrived in 1-2 days
    Then I did another one to Meezan Bank and it also arrived in a few days

    So, basically everything continued to work normally and I eventually got the money in my Payoneer account. Although, the whole process took 3.5 months to complete. Maybe it is important to note that we were having the big corona scare as well. Although, i'm not sure how that relates to the reliability and efficiency of online banking services.

    Payoneer kept sending me regular emails until the matter was finally resolved.

    The best banks for Payoneer in Pakistan are probably HBL and SCB. As far as I know, Payoneer's partner service EarthPort uses/used one/both of these banks to send funds in Pakistan. So, it would be easier to trace if there was a problem in the future.

    This problem seems to be more common with Bank AlFalah users based on my searches on the Payoneer community forums.

    Thank you for reading

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