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Totally Sad with Payoneer!

goyitoparana Member Posts: 7
Im travelling since two years by South America, living most of the time in Brazil. My card was cloned and for security It was blocked by Payoneer. Now I am waiting the new one card but Payoneer will only send it to me the old adreess, in Argentina. Why?!?
I contacted you trough form, chat, ticket, always the same story: Payoneer will not send me the new card to Brazil. I cant understand that! It is incredible! Is it not suppose that beeing freelancer is very common that you are travelling and spend more time working away from home?!
It is a terrorific and serious matter that people who work in Payoneer should have to find a solution.
Since two weeks I am in Brazil, not receiveing payments, losing opportunities. Incredible!
I lost my credibility at all!! Have anybody ever suffered the same sad issue?