Poor customer support. Payment department needs to be in touch on phone and redirected

When you call payoneer customer support, they hardly know what to do. After they pick a call after minimum waiting of 15 minutes ( which needs to be reduced for a better suport) you ask them and they know nothing which you request, they don't have an update, they dont know whats next.
All they say its not our department, its payment department, its approval department.

its my humble suggestion to get those departments be able to redirected to while on the phone call so that issues resolution gets quicker and delay and discomfort found recently in payoneer users is relieved.

As many payoneer users have seen this issue of payment review or gone missing info , then you have to wait for almost 2 weeks to get tha review cleared and get the payment cleared, that bothers too much the clients you have paid or vice versa if you are the recipient of the payment.

Had there been a direct connection and forwarding call option to them, we could have discussed it one to one and sorted it out what caused this review and what can be done for quicker resolution.

If payoneer really plans to grow and be a giant in digital market, i am sure they will listen to my humble request.

A disappointed customer.


  • custombybernolli
    custombybernolli Member Posts: 3
    Is there any email address that you know? The Live Chat is impossible due the high site traffic and I can't send an email to the support bcs [email protected] sends only automatic replies to my emails. I need urgent help but I can't find anybody to contact :(
  • moyalo
    moyalo Member Posts: 3
    Agree, I had and still have same issue with receiving payment..
  • Sabina
    Sabina Member Posts: 4
    Poor customer support.
  • robertrotth
    robertrotth Member Posts: 4
    Payoneer has the worst customer support I ever saw. If I knew this, I wouldn't register with them. And that what I'll say to everybody that wants to get an account with Payoneer.