recieve money of card PROBLEMS

Hello. I had received from AdgateMedia 40.27 dollars. This money shows me that I received in the transaction Payoneer, but in my mind not occurred. I was at the ATM and tried to get money out checking believing it is just a typographical error in the sum account. Mia said as insufficient balance is normal, now I want to please check what happened to the money, why not sign in as normal. Many thanks if you can help me


  • Adam_Payoneer
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    HI Lica, it sounds like the money was taken off the card at the ATM dispite the fact that the transaction was declined. If that is the case,  talk to the bank operator to see if they can reverse the transaction. If that doesn't work, contact our support center to notify them on what has occurred so you can be assisted in getting your money back. 

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