ATM failed transaction, money gone from balance


So long story short. I tried withdrawing some money via a local ATM. The ATM declined the transaction so I didn't get any money. However, my Payoneer balance changed and the money I tried to withdraw are gone.

The transaction appears under pending since this morning, 7 hours ago or so.

After the transaction failed I talked with a bank representative and they took care of reversing the transaction. Meaning they declined it on their side and removed it from their system. Now, they told me that the money should get back to my Payoneer account.

After that I had a chat with a Payoneer Customer Care representative and he told me I have to wait 11 days until the system automatically puts back the money in my balance. It's pretty frustrating.

So now the million dollar question, why do I have to wait 11 days if the bank already declined/reversed the transaction on their own? I was expecting more flexibility, maybe not like the next minute, but the next couple/few hours. I mean, after all the local bank reversed the transaction so the ball is in Payoneer's court.