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Wihtdraw to local bank option

LindaD Member Posts: 2
Hello, I'm from Poland and I've been using Payoneer for about half a year. Recently I noticed that most of Payoneer customers can withdraw their funds directly to their local bank accounts, but I can't. This option isn't available for me, I can't find a word about it in my Payoneer account. And as you probably know using ATMs is not really profitable, it's waste of my time and money (to pay my rent I need to use ATM - and there are extra charges, of course - then I have to go to my local bank to deposit these money into my account and FINALLY I can make a transfer). Absurd. I want explanation why I don't have the same capabilities as other customers. Thank you in advice.


  • LindaD
    LindaD Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Payoneer, you are SO helpful