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My card is blocked for unknown reason

Angelo11 Member Posts: 7
I am a payoneer user for more than a year and receiving the private/partner payments. 2 days ago i logged into my account and see this message "your card is blocked". Then i checked my email and found nothing about it.
So contacted to support by live chat and ask for the reason of a review but the support person just said "your account is under review and i didn't have the complete information about it or we can't disclose the reason of review"

> Now i the have 1 pending payment in account which is waiting for approval - id # 27684288
> Yesterday, another payment is sent from my 2checkout account to payoneer and i am not sure if that payment will be deposited to my payoneer account or it will be refunded to 2checkout.
> I need to receive the 2 more payments from the different clients but i don't know when this review ends, my services will be restored and when i'll be able to receiving the payments again.

I understand these reviews are necessary to keep the payoneer payment system and users safe. But i want to know the reason of the review and why my card is blocked? I have no security issues and i am not a new member, been using the payoneer for more than a year. And why you guys didn't want to disclose the reason of account review to account owner? What is the logic in it?

Beside the long payment approvals and reviews, i didn't had any major issue with the payoneer but now i am seriously thinking of switching to some other flexible payment processor. I can't afford to use a payment processor, who keep putting my account in review, blocking the services and didn't want to disclose the reason of interruptions and reviews to account owner.


  • Angelo11
    Angelo11 Member Posts: 7
    That issue was solved on the same day, i just forget to update here.