How long it will take to approved?

mbmcobrambmcobra Posts: 24Member ✭✭
How long it will take to approved?

Payment ID:
Payment Date (EST.): 07/01/2016 01:23

Payment Status:Payment waiting for approval



  • mbmcobrambmcobra Posts: 24Member ✭✭
    Hi, I'm still waiting for a reply to my question from yesterday. Thanks.

  • mbmcobrambmcobra Posts: 24Member ✭✭
  • mbmcobrambmcobra Posts: 24Member ✭✭
    Payment Request ID: 986912
    Status: Payment Under Review

    • Date Sent7/1/2016

  • Mark_1Mark_1 Posts: 3Member
    Please help, I registered for an account with Payoneer on the following date (04./07/2016 ) under this Account Reference Number: 16833727) and I have sent the required document demanded by Payoneer management, but up till now I have not received any message from them, neither my account been approved, Please help
  • Issam_OuldIssam_Ould Posts: 8Member
    Me too : :(
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